Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/30/2011 The Blocks Walls are Going Up

Construction is moving right along. The footers are at 85% and the walls are really taking shape.

Storm water ponds are turning green.

This is the VHC apparatus bay corner closest to Walnut Bottom Road and town.

Again, closest corner to Walnut Bottom Road and town. The interior footers you see are the VHC Storage Room, Gear Washing Room and Engineers Room on the north side of the Bay area.

Looking across from the back of the storage room under the Ambulance Bays. The blocks/footer on the left is the stairwell from the Fitness Room on the first floor to the Study on the second.

Storage area under the Ambulance bays.

Looking south along the east walls.

Taken from the Orange Street/Town corner of the Ambulance Bays, The Storage area is on the right side and the area on the left side, inside the 'U' wall is for the HVAC tower and Generator.

Looking east along the first floor Storage Area and the center of the Ambulance Bays.

Looking out towards Walnut Bottom Road at the entrance to the rear parking area.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

8/21/2011 Footers Continue

Work continues at the site. The stormwater detention ponds have been seeded. The footers continue to grow. Block was delivered late last week. (Click on the pictures, they get bigger)

8/21/2011 Public Opinion story

Emergency facility construction advancing

21 August 2011 No Comment
BY MORGAN YOUNG ; Staff writer

Work for the new Shippensburg Area Emergency Services facility, which will house a new station for Vigilant Hose and Shippensburg Area EMS, is on schedule, said Greg Thompson, director of marketing and business management for Brechbill & Helman Construction Company, the construction manager on the project.

Builders are working on land development and zoning activities, and will soon begin work on the foundation, according to Thompson.

“They’re digging footers and pouring the concrete,” Thompson said. “They’re going to do the masonry block work for the foundation next week.”

The new 36,000-squarefoot building at the former site of University Lodge hotel will have five bays for the fire department, in addition to five for the EMS.The room will allow Shippensburg Area EMS to bring all of its emergency vehicles inside, something that their old facility didn’t have room for, said Heather Franzoni, Shippensburg Area EMS public relations officer.

“All of our apparatus are outside, five ambulances and two rehabilitation units are all sitting outside,” she said.

Even though the two departments will share a facility, Franzoni said that they are separate entities.

“EMS will primarily be on the second floor and Vigilant Hose on the first floor,” she said.

A gym and training room will also be featured in the building. The facility is projected to be completed by May 2012. Thompson said that getting a roof on the masonry building by the winter months is one of the main objectives for the project so far.

“Right now the weather hasn’t really affected (construction),” he said. “Were going to attempt to have the building closed up by December. ” he said.

Builders for the $6.3 million project, which is incorporating environmental friendly features, is still pursuing a Silver LEED certification, which would provide verification that the building was designed with the health of the community members and environment in mind, Thompson said.

“We’re going through the LEED process,” he said. “That’s ongoing.”

For now Thompson is happy with the new building’s progress. “It’s still early, things are still good,” he said.


Morgan Young can be reached at 262-4753 or myoung@publicopinionnews.


Friday, August 19, 2011

8/19/2011 Footers are Being Set

The footers have begun to be set by Brechbill and Helman. These pictures from B+H show the Orange Street side of the building is almost ready for blocks.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16/2011 Pouring Footers

Most of the grounds work is done for now. Saturday morning they started pouring footers. The footers are poured on the Orange Street side of the two-story living area (seen in the first picture within the orange safety fence). The site was also enclosed in chain link fence last week. As with all the pictures on this site if you click on them they will open bigger.