Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25/2011 Getting Ready for the Second Floor

Second floor decking is down and waiting for concrete.

 Northwest corner of VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Northeast corner of VHC Apparatus Bay.

 East side of VHC Apparatus bay.

 First floor looking southwest, Vestibule is on the right.

 Outside of Multipurpose Room, ready for backfill.

Orange Street side. backfill has begun. 

 More backfilling on the Orange Street side.

 West side of VHC Apparatus Bays, looking northeast.

 VHC Gear Room on the left, Watch Room center and Vestibule right.

 Stairway in southeast corner, Elevator is in the center of the picture.

 Southeast Stairway right, Elevator center, Storage behind elevator and Multipurpose Room left.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10/23/2011 Second Floor Starting to Take Shape.

Steel set for the second floor. Viewed from the VHC Living Area looking east.

This is the east side of the Apparatus Bay. This is what you will see driving towards town on Walnut Bottom Road. It is also the reason most of the pictures are from the west side.

Northwest corner of the VHC Apparatus Bay. 

 Southeast corner of the VHC Apparatus bay.

 Multipurpose Room is straight ahead, first window is in first floor Vestibule, second window is VHC Watch Room.

 Multipurpose Room, looking towards Orange Street.

 Looking in the first floor Vestibule.

 VHC Gear Room.

 Under Ambo Storage. Walls are braced for backfill.

 Wall bracing in Fitness Room.

 West side of VHC Apparatus Bays.

 Electric Box. Located on Orange Street between the EMS ramp and the Alley.

 Orange Street side, with wrap around for backfilling.

 From Orange Street looking north, door and windows from VHC offices into VHC Apparatus Room.

 North side rooms are ready for concrete. This is the VHC Gear Wash Room.

 Northeast corner of VHC Apparatus Bay, looking at Hose Tower are from the Mezzanine.

Looking south across the VHC Apparatus Bay from the Mezzanine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/18/2011 More Floors

 Heating is set in the Gear Room and ready for concrete.

 Most of the VHC Living Area had the floors poured yesterday.
Looking east towards the Orange Street and Walnut Bottom Road intersection.

Floors in the VHC Living area looking towards town.

 In floor heating in the Gear Room.

 The VHC Watch Room is where the pallets of block are sitting.

 Looking south across the VHC Apparatus bay.

 Sample boards look like they are done

Back doors into the VHC Apparatus Bays.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/16/2011 The Walls Continue Going Up

 VHC Apparatus Bay looking towards Orange Street.

 VHC Living area looking towards intersection of Orange and Walnut Bottom Road.

Looking east across the VHC living area.

 West entrance/exit off Walnut Bottom Road.

 Under Ambo Storage area.

 Northside rooms across VHC Apparatus Bay.

 South wall of VHC Apparatus bay. Doors to Gear Room.

 Looking north across the VHC living area. Gear room doors to Apparatus bay.

 Northeast corner elevator pit.

 Looking west along the south wall. Women's Room, Men's Room, VHC Men's Locker/Shower Room, VHC Women's Locker/Shower Room.

 Front right is the VHC Vestibule, next is the Watch Room and next is Gear Room.

 Back Ambo Bay. 2 of 3 back bays, SA-EMS Gear Room and Study Area.

 Looking down on VHC Restroom, Laundry and Gear Room.

 Mechanical Room. Orange Street is towards top.

 Looking north across VHC Apparatus bays.

 VHC Back parking lot, Town Side.

Start of sample wall. Shows the 4x16 ground face bricks, Split face and red brick being used. See the renditions where.