Sunday, November 27, 2011

11/27/2011 Second Floor Trusses and Rooms

West Side

 East Side

South Side 

 Ambulance Bay

Ambulance Bay

 North Side

 Stairway from Fitness Room to Study.

 VHC Apparatus bay, north side rooms.

 VHC Gear Room doorways and in-floor heating controls.

 Elecrical panels in hallway from VHC Apparatus Bay to VHC living area.

 Storage room in VHC Laundry room.

 Southeast corner of Multipurpose Room.

 Southwest corner of Multipurpose Room.

 Outside Northeast corner of Multipurpose Room.

 Wall between Under Ambo Storage and Fitness Room.

 Second floor looking south across EMS Bunkrooms and Offices.

 Looking west across EMS Bunkrooms into TV Room / Kitchen in right corner.

 VHC Offices, Conference Room and IT Room.

 Looking across EMS Offices to VHC Offices in back left, Conference Room and IT Room center and Elevator and Stairway right.

 Ambulance Bays.

 Looking east across the Ambulance Bays.

Ambulance Bays.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

11/20/2011 2nd Floor Roof, 1st Floor Walls

 View from the west.

 View from the east.

Second floor from the Orange Street entrance.

 West entrance into VHC Apparatus bays.

 Work continues on the stairway from the Fitness Room and the Study.

 Northside rooms in VHC Apparatus Room.

 VHC Kitchen. Refrigerators on the left, range and sink/dishwasher on right wall.

VHC TV Room. Hallway to the left to Locker Rooms. 

 Fitness Room wall is complete.

VHC  General Bunkroom.

 VHC Individual Bunkroom hallway. The end of the hallway looks through the Gear Room into the Apparatus bay.

 VHC back hallway looking into the elevator.

 Back doors into the Multipurpose Room.

 Museum from the first floor entrance.

 First floor entrance.

 Second floor entrance.

 EMS Ambulance bays.

 Looking across EMS Bunkrooms from second floor entrance.

 VHC Chief's Office left, VHC President's Office right.

 Elevator and Conference room on the second floor.

 Orange Street EMS Offices.

 EMS Storage room, Decon Room ansd EMS Junior Area doors from Ambulance bays.

 EMS TV Room and Kitchen. Door is to the Study hallway to the stairway.

South side of the VHC Apparatus bays.

EMS Juniors area, Decon Room and storage doors from Ambulance Bays.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

11/13/2011 1st Floor Interior Walls Taking Shape

 West wall of the EMS living area.

 Inside west wall of VHC Apparatus bay.

 VHC offices right (doorway to VHC Apparatus Bay) corner (center picture) is the EMS Kitchen. Looking across EMS Bunkrooms.

 East elevation from Orange Street corner. Double man doors are into the Multipurpose Room.

 Museum is to my left foreground, man lift is in one of the VHC Bunkrooms. Right back is VHC Gear Room, right foreground is VHC Watch Room.

 Shower units waiting for installation.

 Interior door frames awaiting installation.

 Door to the Men's Room by the Multipurpose Room.

 EMS Ambulance Bays (west wall).

 VHC Apparatus Bay from the second floor VHC Chief's office.

 Straight ahead is the stairway and elevator. Moving left is the IT Room in front of the Conference Room and VHC Offices. To the right is EMS Bunk Rooms.

On the left is the Orange Street wall of EMS Offices. EMS Bunkrooms in the fore ground, along the right wall is EMS living area.