Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25/2012 EMS Bays Doors, 2nd Floor Paint & Arches

 West Side.

 South Side.

East Side.

 Arches above VHC apparatus doors, west side.

 Electrical Room in Under Ambo Storage area.

 VHC Apparatus bay. Lights, exhaust system, water lines, air lines and fire suppression lines.

 Mail boxes in VHC Watch Room.

 Hallway in overnight VHC Bunkroom.

 Hallway in individual VHC Bunkrooms.

 VHC Museum.

 Multipurpose Room.

 IT Room. The spider nest gets bigger.

VHC Fire Chief's Office. 

 EMS Small Bunkroom. Set up for two beds.

 EMS Locker Room.

 EMS Kitchen and Pantry.

 EMS TV Room.

 EMS Storage and Study. It still needs a wall between the two.

 EMS Storage Room and Gear Room in Ambulance Bay.

 Ambulance Bay doors

 EMS Junior Member area.

 EMS Trip Sheet Room.

 EMS File Room.

 Arches over Ambulance doors.

 Starting ground face bricks on Orange Street side.

 Wall panels in VHC Men's Locker/Shower Room

VHC TV Room and Kitchen. 

 Water heater on Mezzanine in VHC Apparatus Bay.

 VHC Apparatus bay looking south from Mezzanine.

Cat walk and hose hanger in Hose Tower.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/19/2012 Arches, Study and Ceiling Grid

 West Side.

 South Side.

East Side.

 Arches in progress over VHC Apparatus Doors.

 Porch roof to the rear of the VHC Living area.

 Electrical Room in Under Ambo Storage area.

 Overhead door in Under Ambo Storage area.

 VHC Vehicle exhaust parts and pieces.

 VHC Individual Bunk Rooms. Ceiling grid has started.

 VHC Bay door openers in the Watch Room.

 Looking up into the Hose Tower at the catwalk for hanging hose on the pipe hangers.

 First floor lobby. Multipurpose Room left, VHC Museum and EMS Storage room right.

 IT Room. All the computers, radios, telephones and door controls are located here.

 One of the large EMS Bunk Rooms. These are set up to fit 5 bunks.

 Building the EMS Gear Room, Storage Room and the Study 
in the back of the Ambulance Bay.

 Inside of center Ambulance bay door. 
Walls are painted, doors are coming soon.

 Generator and cooling tower.

Arches over the center Ambulance Bay door.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/2012 Paint, Ambo Floor and More Bricks

 West Side.

 South Side,

East Side.

 Painting in the VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Beginning of the stairs in the Hose Tower.

 Hose hanger and hoist beam in the Hose Tower.

 Color scheme in VHC Bunk Rooms.

 Painting started in VHC Apparatus bay.

 Brick in front of Ambulance bay doors.

 Roof over Second floor entrance.

Parking lot light pole bases.

 Roof over first floor entrance.

Masonry banding being installed on Walnut Bottom Road side.