Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/25/2012 EMS Ramp, Vinyl Floors and Stucco

 West Side

 South Side

East Side

 EMS Ramps ready for concrete. Shows the 10 feet of heated ramp outside the doors (same as both the entrance and exit doors to VHC Apparatus bays) Taken Wednesday, 3/21/2012.

 EMS Bunk room hallway. Looking east towards VHC Offices.

 Fire extinguishers are mounted.

 EMS Living Area.

 EMS Gear Room. Ambulance bays are to the left.

 EMS Ambulance bays. Two doors on the left are the Gear Room.
Next is door to EMS Living Area, Decon Room and Storage Room.

 IT Room finally getting organized.

 Doorway to the Conference Room and the Elevator, 2nd floor.

 Flooring in Lobby and Multipurpose Room.

 Water Fountains in the Multipurpose room lobby.

 VHC corridor looking from the Watch Room to the hallway to the Kitchen.

 Epoxy floors are done in VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Epoxy floors and stripes are done in VHC Apparatus Bay.

 VHC Apparatus Bay. Stairs to 2nd floor VHC Offices.
In floor heating controls.

 VHC Gear Room.

 VHC restroom.

 VHC Kitchen.

 West side of VHC Bays. Bollard covers in place.

 The wall at the Generator is done.

 Front of EMS Bays. Bollard covers in place.

 EMS Ramp onto Orange Street.

 Orange Street side, last of the brick work is done.

East Side of VHC, the exit side. Stucco over doors is done.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/2012 Gear Grid, Lockers, Elevators & VHC Ramp

 West Side

 South Side

 East Side

 Concrete ramp to the entrance to VHC Apparatus Bays. West side.

Epoxy floors have started in the VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Entrance to the VHC members parking lot. West side of SESB.

 Manhole lids for the 10,000 gallon rainwater collection tank.
Water will be used for washing vehicles.
man door on the left is to VHC Living area, on the right is to Under Ambo Storage.

 46 Gear Grid lockers in VHC Gear Room.

 IT Room.

 VHC second floor office corridor.
Doors on right are Deputy/Assistant Chief's Office and
Captain/ Lieutenants Office. VHC Support Office at end of corridor.
(Ladies Auxiliary, Fire Police and Fire Safety Task Force)

43 EMS Lockers in Locker Room.

 EMS Kitchen and Pantry.

EMS Apparatus Bay. Door on left wall to Gear Room
left to right door to EMS Living area, Decon Room and Storage.

Elevator on Second Floor.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3/10/2012 Epoxy Floors, Lockers & Elevator Work

 West Side.

 South Side.

East Side.

 Lockers for in VHC Pantry sitting in VHC Kitchen.

 VHC Gear Room.

 Stalls in VHC Locker/ Shower Room.

 Elevator installation has finally begun.

 VHC Lockers, sitting in the Multipurpose Room.

 EMS Locker Room.

 EMS Shower Room.

 EMS Lockers, sitting in the back Ambulance Bay.

 Ambulance Bay. EMS Gear Room on the right.

 EMS TV Room.

 West side of Ambulance bays. Generator and HVAC Cooling Tower.

 First floor entrance from East Parking lot.

 Hose Tower.

 Looking south along the west side of the VHC Apparatus bays.
Prepping for pavement.

Controls for the in floor heating. VHC Apparatus Bay.