Saturday, December 24, 2011

12/24/2011 Bricks, Shingles and Windows

East Side 

South Side 

West Side

 Brick start to go up the stairway between the Fitness Room and Study.

 The lid to the Hose Tower. 

 Shingling has begun.

Second floor rooms are lined off.

 Second floor windows are in. This is the EMS offices.

 10,000 gallon rainwater collection tank is finally in the ground.

 Split face block is near complete on the west side of the Ambulance bay 
and the HVAC tower is in place.

 VHC Mezzanine, training wall, manhole and Secure Storage Room.

 Split face on the west side of the Ambulance Bays.

 The mud in the VHC  Apparatus Room is gone and stone is down..

The wall for the bar in the VHC Kitchen is started.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

12/18/2011 Painted Black and Final Blocks

 West Side

 South Side

East Side

 The lid to the Hose Tower.

 North side rooms and mezzanine in VHC Apparatus bay.

 North side of Mechanical Room.

 East side of Mechanical Room.

Final split face block on west side of Ambulance bays. 

 West Side

 Area for underground tank.

Hole for the underground rainwater collection tank.

 East side of Ambulance Bay.

 Elevator Shaft and Southeast Stairway.

 EMS Laundry Room.

 Lathe on 2nd floor roof trusses, ready for drywall.

Southeast corner.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

12/11/2011 Interior Block Walls and More Roof

West Side

South Side

East Side

The pads for the Generator and Cooling Tower have been poured.

Stairway from 1st floor Fitness Room to 2nd floor Study.

Storage Room above the Mezzanine and Training Wall got done this week.

Hallway from VHC living area to VHC Apparatus bay.

VHC Gear Room looking east.

Stairs are set in the southeast stairway (by the elevator).

EMS Storage room off the Ambulance Bay. To the left is the Decon Room and Laundry.

Looking across 2nd floor to the east.

Looking across EMS TV Room and Kitchen.

Elevator and Elevator Mechanical Room on the 2nd floor. Southeast stairway and 2nd floor entrance on the right.

EMS Storage room and Decon Room off the Ambulance Bay. The door is to the Laundry from the EMS living area.

Southeast stairway from the 2nd floor.

Hose Tower at the northeast corner of VHC Apparatus Bay.

Once the roof is on and the 2nd floor is in the dry, drywall will be hung on the bottom of the roof trusses and the 2nd floor interior walls can be started.