Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28/2012 Concrete in VHC Apparatus Bays, More 2nd Floor Walls

 West Side.

South Side.
East Side.

 Back side of the Ambulance Bays and Under Ambo Storage.

 VHC Apparatus Bay. Looking north.

 VH C Apparatus Bay. Looking east.

 VHC Corridor. Laundry and Gear Room left. Bunk Rooms right.

 First Floor Main Lobby. Multipurpose Room on the left, Museum on the right.

 Multipurpose Room looking south.

 EMS Offices along Orange Street.

 EMS Junior Member area.

 EMS TV Room.

 EMS Bunk Room Hallway. Looking towards VHC Offices.

 Ambulance Bay.

Second Floor block. Door enters the Ambulance bay.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/21/2012 Second Floor Walls! Second Floor Walls!

 West Side.

  South Side.

East Side.

 Door to VHC (left) and Fitness Room/Study Stairway.

 Electrical Room.

VHC TV Room. 

 VHC Kitchen.

 VHC Apparatus Bay looking north.

 VHC Apparatus Bay in floor heating controls.

 VHC Common Bunkroom.

 VHC Museum.

 EMS Offices.

 VHC President's Office.

 EMS Bunkroom Hallway, looking towards EMS Lounge.

EMS Kitchen and Pantry.

The lid is finally on the Hose Tower.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15/2012 , Bay Floors 2nd Floor Ceiling and Finish Block

West Side

 South Side

East Side

Ground face block on the north wall. 

 Block on the back side of the Ambulance bays.

 Nailing boards for cabinets in the VHC Kitchen.

 Working on the floor in the VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Working on the floor in the VHC Apparatus Bay.

Drywalling has started on the first floor.  Hallway in VHC dorm Bunk Rooms.

 Drywall on the bottom off the trusses. Second floor looking across the EMS offices.

 Conference Room, IT Room and VHC offices.

Work on the Ambulance Bays. Looking east.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1/8/2012 More Blocks and Drywall Soon

 West Side

 South Side

East Side

 Concrete poured in the northside room in the VHC Apparatus Bay.
This is the Engineers Room.

 Drywall is ready in most of the first floor rooms. 
This is one of the individual VHC Bunk Rooms.

 Concrete in stairs in southeast Stairway.

 Heating ducts on second floor.

 EMS Kitchen and Pantry.

 Drywall soundproofing between VHC Kitchen/TV Room and the Bunk Rooms. 
They will build another wall on this side.

 Transformer in the Electrical Room.

 More block on the northwest corner of the VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Brick and block on the back stairway and west face of the VHC Apparatus Bay.

 Lid to the Hose Tower. Yes, they will shingle it on the ground before setting it in place.

VHC Apparatus Bay with drywalled ceiling. Looking south.